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  • Sara Ness

    Sara Ness

    I am an instigator of authenticity, ninja of connection, and awkward turtle of social situations. www.authrev.org

  • Argumentative Penguin

    Argumentative Penguin

    Playwright. Screenwriter. Penguin. Fan of rationalism and polite discourse. Find me causing chaos in the comments. Contact: argumentativepenguin@outlook.com

  • Andrew Murray Dunn

    Andrew Murray Dunn

    Regenerative Tech | Business | Culture | Life. Co-founder @getsiempo, Digital Wellness Collective, @Wharton Wisdom. www.andrewmurraydunn.com

  • Steve QJ

    Steve QJ

    Race. Politics. Culture. Sometimes other things. Almost always polite. Find more at https://steveqj.substack.com

  • Ian MacKenzie

    Ian MacKenzie

    A new paradigm filmmaker + writer, exploring the intersection of eros, emergence, and village. Host of the podcast The Mythic Masculine.

  • Jacob Kishere

    Jacob Kishere

    Host & Producer of SenseSpace-Sensing into the Moment together @jacobkishere @sensespacehub

  • Alexandra Kaschuta

    Alexandra Kaschuta

    Sorry about all of it

  • Bonnitta Roy

    Bonnitta Roy

    Releasing complexity, source code solutions, training post-formal actors, next generation leadership, sensemaking, open participatory organizations

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